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Perrigo Pediatrics hired a third party focus group company called Heart Mind Strategies to review what Pediatricians thought of store brand infant formula in October and November 2019. They reviewed all of Perrigo’s marketing material including handouts, decks, banner ads and whiteboard videos.

The whiteboard videos, particularly a 4 part series of 90 second clips called “Now You Know” were found to be the most successful and well liked form of marketing material compared to the rest.


It just got straight to the point. You only had to look at one spot. There was no extra stuff popping up on the sides. And it made its point very well… So I think you should e-mail that out to pediatricians. I think it’s a good one.

Female Docter, Urban and Low Income Patient Base

These videos are also proven highly effective on social media. The first Perrigo video "HMO with Dr. Pedro" garnered over 30,000 views in the target market, 150% percent market penetration and a 1.8% click through rate, which is 90% higher than the facebook average and 73% higher than the medical ad average of 83%.

For Lindley Stakem, Marketing Manager for Perrigo Store Brand Infant Formula, this was a home run. Getting awareness out into the world that Store Brand formula is equivalent in nutrition for half the price is crucial to help both moms and pediatricians make informed choices.

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