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Middlesex Gases are good people. They have over 35 years of experience serving the New England area and have less than 100 employees with high retention. Based in Massachusetts, they provide medical laboratories with the gas that cools the samples – a very important factor!


But they had a problem. Their lab clients didn’t understand their Microbulk service and were just continuing to  put up with inefficient, outdated monitoring systems and unreliable service. Middlesex Gases had the solution with an experienced local team, hands-on management and execution of installation, technically advanced wireless monitoring system, and so much more! The team needed to find a way to get their message out in a creative way to capture clients attention.


We brainstormed a story with Ron focused entirely on the PAIN they save customers from. And hoo-boy, there is a lot of potential pain. Ron explained to Cameron how multiple laboratory clients have lost millions of dollars in revenue due to lost samples when their gas cut off unexpectedly. It’s a nightmare for any lab manager and terrible PR for the lab or hospital. 

This is exactly what Middlesex prevents. So the nightmare idea came to life. 



Whiteboard Geeks also pitched Middlesex a new tagline: Gases are your Lifeline. This is based on another story idea shared in the sales phase, about how gas is like air to your body. Ron and the team wasted no time putting this new slogan on the front page of their redesigned website. 



Re-design by Hide and Seek Media

There's Lilly right on the front page!


Whiteboard Geeks also help to spruce up some of their other promotional materials, including updating their brochure with characters from the video. Now their whole campaign is more cohesive!


Ron and the team were blown away by the animation.

Awesome job, Awesome job! Just the detail in how this thing pops is just so cool, so cool. It’s exactly- you know you have a vision, we had a story we wanted to tell and with the help of everybody here, this thing is so cool!

–Ron Perry, Director of Sales and Marketing, Middlesex

We gathered feedback from the sales team 2 months after the video was completed and posted, (July 2nd, 2021):

  1. How often do you show the new video?
    I show it every time there is opportunity for micro-bulk. Average 1-2 per week.

  2. When/how do you show it?
    In front of customer, email to potential or current client, etc. both

  3. Do you think this video does a good job explaining the value of microbulk?
    Yes this video does great job

  4. Are there any other areas you think a video like this would do a good job explaining?

  5. Any specific feedback/comments you would like to share from anyone you have shown the video?
    Good response from all that have viewed it


The most important part of the project came in the form of a percentage. Middlesex Gases is not a giant corporation, so every marketing dollar counts. They wanted to see at least $3 million in new sales of Microbulk this year- meaning closing 60 new clients at $50,000 each. The way we agreed to measure the impact on ROI was by comparing lift in their email Click Through Rate or CTR.

Now, Ron is a savvy marketer. He’s been with Middlesex  Gases for over 30 years. So when we started the project he and his agencies had an average 8-10% CTR with their highest ever average at 13%. Not bad! Keep in mind a typical industry CTR in email is 4%. So they were already doubling the average. But they knew they could do better.

When the Whiteboard video went out, the very first email in their drip had a 26% Click Through Rate!

That means Whiteboard video increased their email clicks by 97%!

Wow! Ron knew from the get go that “Weird Works”. And it was such a huge relief to see it come through. Whiteboard Animation grabs attention and gets more clicks, more form fills, and more leads, which means more money!

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