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Live Drawing at IPPE really DREW everyone to the booth. Throwback to earlier in 2020 when human interaction was still a thing. Our CEO Cameron drew live through a virtual whiteboard at Evonik’s booth and by the end of the talk over 50 people were at their space.

We just completed an interview with live visualization at the biggest trade show for our industry, introducing a new product that is a true innovation. The process of getting to this event involved several phone conferences and a dry run. It was challenging and fun at the same time. I most appreciate Cameron’s passion for her job and her way of transferring this to the people around her. Within minutes, our booth had about 50 people visiting our booth and even standing in the walkways so they could see what was happening. Her way of putting ideas and words into a drawing is amazing.

–Monique Lesser, Marketing Director, Animal Nutrition Evonik

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