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AmeriHealth Caritas DC Social Media Success Story

Summary: Lauren Reynolds and the marketing team of AmeriHealth Caritas DC used innovative social media strategies, facebook campaigns and eye-catching whiteboard videos to get 2.3 million impressions and a 84% cheaper cost per click than the industry average.

In our recent analysis of average click through rate (CTR)cost per click (CPC), conversion rate (CVR) and cost per action (CPA) on AdWords across all industries, we found that healthcare is one of the toughest verticals for PPC advertisers.

Healthcare ads have a lower than average CTR, at 1.79% compared to the average 1.91% across industries on the search network.

They pay more for those clicks, too. As shown above, in the black bar, healthcare advertisers pay an average cost per click of $3.17 on the search network. The average across industries is just $2.32.

Facebook Campaigns:

The first paid ad campaign Lauren ran was in July 2016, to promote the AmeriHealth page and drive likes.

  • Total spend: $349

  • Total likes: 511 (.68 cents per like – less than a snickers bar per person)

  • Impressions: 29.193

Lauren continued to grow the ACDC (AmeriHealth Caritas DC) reach across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She carefully promoted posts on facebook like the ones below, often spending under $30. Slowly, steadily, the audience grew.

As of February 19th, 2021 – the AmeriHealth Caritas DC page boasts 7,393 likes and 7,430 followers. Through a mix of consistently authentic image posts, links and a sprinkling of high-impact, low-cost Facebook ad campaigns, Lauren has grown the reach of their Facebook page 174%. And that’s crucial, because getting the app for Telehealth (MyIdealDoctor) and other support information could have had a life-changing impact for their members.

Then in early 2019 the team took the idea of “meeting people where they’re at” to another level.

Whiteboard Videos:

Working with Richmond-based Whiteboard Geeks and PR firm ROIG, Lauren worked with Keith Adams and Ryan Reynolds to develop the first of many hand-drawn whiteboard videos.  

The first campaign was on EHR utilization and telehealth. The use of the innovative whiteboard style + compelling storytelling made these video posts particularly strong.

The story was of a concerned mother to encourage the use of Telehealth in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


  • 521 click throughs to the website! ( in April 2020

  • Plays (3 seconds or more): 63,723

  • Unique click: 341 in May 2020

  • 862 link clicks

  • Click through rate: 0.39%

  • Run: May 8 2020 – May 22 2020

Completed whiteboard videos:

  1. EHR: Regina and Jaleel

  2. EHR: Maria (Spanish)

  3. Maternal Health

  4. Maternal Health Spanish

Last month we had 92,801 thru-plays of that video, in less than a month. Obviously we know this is working.


Lauren Reynolds, Manager, PR and Social Media,
Amerihealth Caritas DC

Praxis Facebook Data Dashboard: 

With the help of Praxis Metrics’ Domo Dashboard, Lauren and Ryan could see their Facebook efforts from a 30,000 foot view. The big picture yielded some surprising results.

2020 Breakdowns:

  • Impressions went up in 2020 – 62.3% increase. 1.45 MILLION impressions from all paid media campaigns this year to date!

  • Clicks are also went up, almost 8,000 clicks total. 

  • However, total CTR is down 41.2% from last year


  • More specific targeting works – maternal health was focused on a gender and age range. 

  • Ask questions and get engagement- “Are you a father to be?” / “Are you considering getting pregnant in the next 12 months?”

  • Focus on encouraging SHARES directly “Share with any moms you know!”


$3.17 = average cost per click for Healthcare

$1.29  is the AmeriHealth average cost per click!

With whiteboard videos and tailored posts, AmeriHealth Facebook had a 84% cheaper cost per click than the industry average in 2020!

Engaging content, eager eyeballs, and lots of information to share. Lauren and Ryan had found a system that worked.

The Future: 

Now Lauren, Ryan and the team see Facebook and Youtube as a serious playing field. They are working on a series of vaccine education quick hits called #AllFactsNoCap with Whiteboard Geeks.

Ask Dr. Lisa – #AllFactsNoCap | AmeriHealth Vaccine Ed Spec Video – Whiteboard Geeks

As for goals, Lauren says “I want to get this information in front of every one of our members.”

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